Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I think I have a problem

I hesitate to write this b/c there are others who were significantly affected by the early morning storms that passed through our state. Thankfully we were not one of those. However, we do have a few things that were zapped by the electrifying forces of lightening. My heart stopped as Dwight was evaluating the damage: Internet access - zapped! DVD player - zapped! XBOX - zapped! Phone line (packet 8) - zapped! PC router - zapped! PC - sigh - NOT zapped! WHEW!! Thanks to Charter I am back online and able to check my e-mail, my blogs (and the lack of comments), the latest news, etc. Everything else I can deal with (however it will be a slight inconvience), but if my PC and Internet service had been completely zapped - I would be going crazy. It's a sad state, I know.

Hi, my name is Christy and I'm a blogoholic!


Tony M said...

Oohh.. look, a comment! :)


Sorry for all your losses... we got zapped by lightening shortly after moving here, and our garage door opener hasn't shut since. At least not without holding the button on the garage wall; apparently it fried the circuit that detects whether there is something in the way of the door (I did replace the laser and sensor, but that didn't fix the problem; since we usually don't put cars in the garage, we never bothered replacing the garage door opener. It also fried our computer... but I still have the burnt pieces (and several newer computers).

Oh, hi, blogaholic Christy! I forgot to say hi at the start of this comment! I think I'm also a blogaholic, but my name's not Christy.

Anyway, here's a comment... hope you enjoyed it!

Tony M said...

Comment #2: I think you need to change your blog time zone. Go to Blogger - it should already have you signed in - or select "Customize" from the top of your blog. Once there, click on the "Settings" tab near the top of the page, then on the "formatting" sub-tab just below that. Change the "time zone" to your correct time zone (Central Time) and I think your blog timestamps will correspond to your local time (instead of being an hour ahead).

Then again, it is kind of cool to time travel, as I did with my first blog posts (you'll need to scroll down near the bottom of those - there are 40 from November, and the time travel only appears in the first three posts chronologically, which appear at the bottom of the page).

Ok, later...

Christy said...

I changed the time zone. I didn't realize I was ahead of everybody.

Tony M said...

Welcome back to CST! You know, when I was born, I was in Japan. It was Monday morning. My dad called my granddad, back in the states, where it was still Sunday evening, and said, "Tomorrow at such-and-such a time your grandson will be born; he'll weigh this much and be so many inches long..."

I still try to get two birthdays a year, but no one likes that idea.